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Application FAQ

Post by crazyemolad on Mon Jan 03, 2011 7:59 am

Q: Is The Revolutionary Republic currently in any wars?

A: No, at this time we are not involved in any full scale alliance wars.

Q: Am I required to change to the Orange team?

A: If you are not in a trade circle you need to join the Orange team. If you are in a trade circle you do not need to change to the Orange team. If you do not know what a trade circle is then you most likely aren't in one; so change to the Orange team.

Q: What is the acronym for The Revolutionary Republic?

A: The Revolutionary Republic uses "TRR".

Q: Am I allowed to declare wars while under the Revolutionary Applicant alliance affiliation?

A: The short answer is no unless you receive authorization from the Minister of Defence. During peace time, there is a limited number of authorized targets available.

Q: How do I create an application?

A: A guide to creating an application can be found here. And an example application can be found here.

Q: How do I set my alliance affiliation to "Revolutionary Applicant"?

A: Go to "Edit My Nation". There will be a drop down menu beside "Alliance Affiliation". From the drop down menu, select "Specify Other' and type in "Revolutionary Applicant" without quotes.

Q: When do I start the Bootcamp?

A: When a Government posts in your application to guide you through the application process, they will ask you a few questions and show a compliance grid. You will be able to see and complete the Academy after being accepted as an acolyte. You will be accepted as an acolyte after answering the Admission Officer's questions, and complying with the compliance grid.


Code of Conduct:
A brief summary on how a visitor should behave while applying to the New Polar Order

Begging for aid:
It's considered impolite to beg for aid. With that said, The New Polar Order offers numerous economic programs that benefit you and the alliance as a whole. You will have access to these programs once you become a member.

Anything said here should be respectful and thought out. There are consequences for treating people disrespectfully. Please abide by our rule.

Process of becoming a member:

When you make an account on the forums you are just a visitor, you are neither a member or an acolyte yet.

Once you have posted an application for the New Polar Order you will be an applicant. As an applicant please check back and respond to any questions about your application.

Once accepted by an Admissions Officer you will become an Acolyte. Your forum permissions will be improved and you will be able to access The Academy. As an acolyte you are to complete the Academy.

After you have completed the Academy you will be masked as an official New Polar Order member and have full benefits of being a member.

Useful Terms:

A mask refers to your forum access and forum permission set.

Trade Circle:
A trade circle is where you and five others all trade resources with one another. These Trade Circles follow "Trade Sets" which are resource groupings that provide strong economic profit. Circles often have all the members on one team colour because trading with nations on your team provides economic bonuses. You will find more information about economics and trading in the Ministry of Education.

Team or Colour
These both refer to your Team Colour on CyberNations. We use the Orange Team as our official team colour.

These acronyms are frequently used, having an understanding of these will prove valuable.

The Revolutionary Republic.

When someone says AA it means your alliance affiliation, or the alliance you are flying in the game CyberNations.


Nation Strength. A value found on your nation information screen which is used to relate your nation's strength to others.

Real life, or life outside CyberNations.

Out of character, meaning you talk as if you are a real person and not a leader of a country.

In character, meaning you talk from the perspective of a nation leader.

Internet Relay Chat.

Zero Infrastructure.

As Soon As Possible.

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