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Post by MConorDever on Sat Sep 25, 2010 6:17 pm

To get into TRR you must first complete the following course, Unless otherwise stated. Until it has been completed please put your Alliance name as "Saoirse Applicant".

Course requirements:

Cadets need to complete all of Criterion A and at least 2 of Criterion B. Criterion C is optional but will affect size of startup pack. I.e. One and a half million instead of three million.

Criterion A (All Required):

A1) Submit at least 10 posts in the forums here.

A2) All available trade slots be filled out. At least 4 of the non-native resources has to be either lumber, marble, aluminum, iron, wheat, fish or water. Unless a trade circle is found for you.

Criterion B (2 required):

B1) Sold at least 50 tech within TRR.

B2) Volunteered to become part of government, a diplomat or a platoon leader, by standing for election

B3) Write up a small report which basically explains the rules and charter of TRR simply. Point by point. Basic things like: Rules of raiding, no aggressive spying etc.

B4) Been on IRC atleast 3 times.

Criterion C (Not Required):

C1) Taken the short test (5 Questions) that has been created by the Government of TRR.

Rewards for completing the course:

1. You become a Full TRR member.
2. Given $3M (or 100 tech) in graduation payment if Criterion C completed, or, $1.5 million if Criterion C is not completed.

Time limit to completing the course:

One month is given to complete the course from date of signup. If the course is not completed by then, TRR Applicant will have no aid given too them the aid for passing ($3M). Exceptions for time limit can be made ONLY IF AN EXTENSION IS APPLIED FOR. We're not unreasonable people and know people can busy in real life. This is to ensure people don't sit-in and do nothing forever. Members may join as they complete the course.

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Post by Vetnek on Sun Nov 21, 2010 3:28 pm

Just completed A1! That was an easy task Very Happy

B2 is in the pocket also for me!


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