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CyberNations Terms:

admin - The creator of Cybernations and managers of the boards. His real name is Kevin, and he is often referred to as Kevin.
admin bomb - Admin setting some things (or everything) in your account to zero such as infrastructure, tech, money, soldiers, etc. Only used as a joke when someone attacks him or makes fun of him.
aligned - A nation who is in an alliance.
CM - Cruise Missile.
CN - CyberNations game.
CN forums - Cybernations forums
CoaLUEtion - Group of alliances who fought against the NPO and NpO in the Great War. The alliances rallied around the LUEnited Nations, thus creating the CoaLUEtion.
Cyberverse - Alternate name of Planet Bob.
Digiterra - Alternate name of Planet Bob.
DoW - Declaration of War.
GRL Global Radiation Level, and in-game indicator of the level of radiation in the cyberverse. Radiation is caused by nations using nuclear weapons. The higher the radiation level, the lower your environment.
GW1 - The First Great War. The largest armed conflict between superpowers ever.
GW2 - The Second Great War. A massive world-wide war between The League and the Initiative. Sparked by conflict between GOONS and FARK.
Infra - Infrastructure.
Initiative, The - A large MADP between NPO, NpO, >_< (later \m/), TOP, VE, GGA, CIS, FAN, GOONS, NoR, MDC (pact dissolved).
League, The - A large MDP between NAAC, GOLD, GATO, SWF, OIN, ACID, LoSS, CDS, LUE (pact dissolved).
LUEicide - The willing suicide of a message board account by way of Terms of Service violations. The idea being that one attempts to break every rule the message board has in place, and in breaking those rules one typically attempts to be as offensive as possible. However, styles may vary from person to person.
MAD - Mutually Assured Defense/Destruction.
MDAP/MADP - Mutual Defense and Agression Pact.
MDP - Mutual Defense Pact.
NAP - Non-Agression Pact.
NPOwned - Being destroyed by New Pacific Order
NS - When referring to CN, it means nation strength. It can also refer to NationStates, another online nation leading game. More primitive than CN. Some major alliances
POW- Prisoner of War.
Offsites - Your alliance's Forum which is not on the CyberNations forums.
PIAT - Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaty.
Planet Bob - The "Earth" of the Cyberverse, identical geography to Earth of Real Life.
Pop - Population of your nation.
Rogue - Usually a nation that is in an alliance who declares an unauthorized war, but can also be a nation that declares on an aligned nation.
tech - Technology.
tech raiding - Attacking an inactive nation to get their technology cheaply and easily.
TOS- Treaty of Surrender or Terms of Service.
unaligned - a nation not in an alliance
Update/Update Time - When the server hits midnight and you can collect taxes again. CN time is American Central, or GMT -6.
ZI - Zero infrastructure. ZI'ing someone means reducing them to zero infrastructure.

General Terms:

:3 - Smiley for "happy cat", show here.
admin- Administrator, manages online forums or games.
Asshat - A derogatory term for someone who acts like an ass.
FFS - For Fucks sake.
Flame - Showing anger at another person in an inappropriate way, such as insults, name calling, etc.
Flamebait - Posts that are made to anger someone indirectly, not stating that they have a problem with the person but implying it.
FTL - For The Lose.
FTW- For The Win.
Godwin's Law - As an Internet discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 100%.
IC - In character.
IBL - In Before Lock, commonly found in spam/flamebait topics.
IMO - In my opinion.
ITT - In this thread.
IIRC - If I remember correctly.
IRC - Internet Reply Chat (Used for talking to your follow alliance members)
lawl - Another way to say lol (laugh out loud).
lol - laugh out loud
Mask - On a forum its a way to let certain members see only what the Admins want them too. It can let you see some things and not other things.
mods/moderators - They help the admins manage the forums.
OMG - Oh my God.
OOC - Out of character.
OP - Original Post(er). Usually used to refer to the original point of the topic, after replying to something else in the thread that is not strictly on-topic)
Pwned - Defeated, describes the loser of the battle.
QFT - Quoted For Truth
RL - Real Life
RP/RP'ing - Role Playing, pretending your someone you are not (that is what the basis of Cyber Nations is, you RP a leader of a nation)
Sig - Short for signature, which appear underneath your posts in all threads. If someone says something like, "Sigged" after they quoted a post, they mean they're adding the quote to their signature.
tl;dr - too long; didnt read. Most often used in massive threads that are too long to read
Topic Hijacking - Changing the discussion topic of a thread purposefull.y
Trolling - Making a thread aimed at angering a group instead of just an individual
VFABIC- Voted for all because I could. Used in polls with the option to vote for everything.
Wiki - Short for Wikipedia, an online encyclopedia that anyone can edit or make a new page on. Often .members will make Wiki's for their alliance in Cybernations
WTF - What The Fuck?
XD - A smiley face you use when something is really funny.
ZOMG - Used the same as OMG (Oh My God), often used in a sarcastic tone

Alliance Acronyms:

\m/ (used to be >_<)
CCC - Christian Coalition of Countries
CIS - Confederacy of Independent States
CSN - Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations
FAN - Federation of Armed Nations
FCC - Fifth Column Confederation
GATO - Global Alliance and Treaty Organization
GGA - Grand Global Alliance
GOONS - Goon Order of Oppression Negiliance and Sadism
GPA - Green Protection Agency
IAA - Imperial Assault Alliance
TRR - Independent Republic of Orange Nations
LOSS - League of Small Superpowers
LSF - Libertarian Socialist Federation
LUE - LUEnited Nations
MHA - Mostly Harmless Alliance
MCXA - Multicolored Cross-X Alliance
NAAC - National Alliance of Arctic Countries
NADC - North Atlantic Defense Coalition
NATO - North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NoR - Nordreich
NPO - New Pacific Order
NpO - New Polar Order
OBR - The Order of the Black Rose
ODN - Orange Defense Network
OPA - Orange Protection Alliance
RIA - Random Insanity Alliance
The Legion (no acronym)
TOP - The Order of the Paradox
TOOL - The Order of Light
TLR - The Last Republic
TTK - The Templar Knights
USN - United Sovereign Nations
VE - Viridian Entente
WTF - World Task Force

Vice President of TRR
Vice President of TRR

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