Guide To Different Alliances

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Guide To Different Alliances

Post by ALT3RNAT1V3 on Fri Dec 31, 2010 11:13 pm


An alliance in CyberNations is a group of nations that have joined together for mutual protection and development. If you're reading this then you have managed to successfully become a member of the TRR alliance.

Sanctioned Alliance

Sanctioned alliances are the most powerful alliances in CyberNations and as such are included in some of the menus in the game. Here is the statistics page for TRR. There are twelve sanctioned alliances in CyberNations. The currently sanctioned alliances are indicated by the red colour and italicisation of their rank number next to their name on the Alliances Display Screen.

In order to be sanctioned, as well as scoring in the top 12 alliances in the game, the alliance must also have at least 300 members. After 10 days they are permitted to submit their flag to be included in the game.

Alliance Treaties and Blocs

Just as nations band together for security in alliances, alliances align together with individual treaties and collective treaties of alliances.
    Types of Treaties:
  • Non Aggression Pact (NAP) - Just what it says.
  • Peace, Intelligence and Aid Treaty (PIAT) - NAP+ sharing information and aid in circumstances detailed in the treaty.
  • Treaty of Amity (ToA) - PIAT+ a commitment to provide economic or military aid in circumstances detailed in the treaty.
  • Optional Defence Pact (ODP) - Just what it says.
  • Mutual Defence Pact (MDP) - A treaty with real teeth. An attack on one signatory is an attack on both. Signatories will defend each other.
  • Mutual Defence and Optional Aggression Pact (MP(OA)P) - MDP+ the option to defend the other signatory even if it is the aggressor in a war.
  • Mutual Aggression and Defence Pact (MADP) - The signatories' fates are intertwined. The alliances will fight together whether in defence or aggression. This treaty requires the greatest degree of trust between signatories.

    Military treaties are the most common, but there are non-military treaties too. Sometimes non-military conditions are also included in larger military treaties.

  • Treaty of Friendship (ToF) - Let's be friends. Agreement to try and get along better, and often a precursor to military treaties at a later date.
  • Voting Treaty (VT) - Agreements on voting for team senators.
  • Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Agreements on preferred trade partners and particularly technology sales.
More detailed information about types of treaties and also some examples can be found on the CyberNations Wikia [url=""]Treaty Spectrum page[/url].

Notable Alliances and Blocs

At the time of writing, the number one alliance in the game is the Mostly Harmless Alliance (MHA).

Whilst alliance blocks that TRR is a member of may change change over time.

There is a list of [url=""]sanctioned alliances[/url] and a [url=""]complete list of alliances[/url] on the Cybernations Wikia site.

Alliance War

An alliance war is when an entire alliance is called to arms to fight another alliance. TRR may fight together because we have been attacked by another alliance, or to help defend an alliance that we are allied to. Large alliance wars can include multiple alliance blocks and many alliances fighting on each side.

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